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    USS Churchill  
 USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG-81)
          (Council-adopted ship)

earlier Churchill deployment news

    SSN 22 Mt Rainier
        USS Connecticut (SSN 22)
           (Council adopted ship)

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 YMS 339 Dec 1944 Leyte
Story of a WWII minesweeper
(USS YMS 339)

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Upcoming and recent events:

  •        Council welcomes members from other parts of CT:
    • Navy League top management decided to merge the currently dormant Councils located in Hartford, CT and New London, CT into our Council.  Thus our name will be changed, at least for the time being, from the "Western Connecticut Council" to the "Connecticut Council".  We sent out a "welcome aboard" emailing to our newly added members in July, and added them to our Helm Newsletter emailing list and event announcement lists.  We hope to welcome many of them in person at upcoming live events, once the ongoing Coronavirus situation allows.
  •      Annual Dinner Saturday March 28th 2020 POSTPONED:
    • our annual dinner scheduled to be held at the Stamford Yacht Club on March 28th is cancelled and will be rescheduled, due to coronavirus precautions. Credit card or PayPal refunds were made to all who made resservations. Special guest speaker was to be retired RADM Vic Mercado, who is currently Assistent Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans, and Contingencies. Our thanks to everyone for your understanding. 
  •       Sea Cadets support Stamford on Veterans Day:
    • our Council-sponsored Stamford Sea Cadet unit marched in the Stamford Veterans Day Parade 11/11/2019; and assisted in the dedication of a new Veterans Memorial Park. The Park work was partly led by Patricia Parry, mother of SEAL Brian Bill, past graduate of our local SEAL candidate mentoring program, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2011. 
  •       Latest Council newsletter:
    • see August 2020 newsletter here.
  •        Updates on our Council's two adopted Navy ships:
    • In early 2020, USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG 81) was involved in local training and at-sea exercises mostly in the Virginia Capes area. On May 21, 2020, there was a Change of Command in which CDR Ben Abbott was relieved by CDR Timothy Shanley. The ship departed Norfolk on an independent overseas deployment on Augiust 10th.  It subsequently operated in the Mediterranean Sea, including exercies with NATO allied navies.  On September 10th the ship transited the Suez Canal and entered the US Fifth Fleet area of operations, where it will contribute to patroling important chokepoints to the free flow of global commerce. For up-to-date news and photos on the ship's operation, click on the link below the Churchill photo in the left column.
    • UPDATE: Churchill aided an Iranian commercial motor vessel (see photo below) in the Arabian Sea on October 15th.  The vessel's engine was dead and the crew had run out of water and food. As called for by international agreement (and the ancient accepted rule of the sea), Churchill provided assistence until the Oman Coast Gurad was able to provide a needed engine part. For further details and photos, click on the link below the Churchill photo in the left column.
    • USS Connecticut (SSN 22) was awarded the coveted "Battle E" award in 2019 (congratulations!).  On August 8th, 2019, CDR Cameron Aljilani relieved CDR Carl Trask as Commanding Officer in a ceremony at the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport Washington (see press release by clicking this link).  More recently, CT completed a 3.5 month deployment to the 3rd Fleet area of operations (Noth Pacific, Berring Sea, and Arctic) returning to Bremerton in late April 2020.  In September, the sub was reported to be operating at sea in the San Diego area.
    • see more details of recent adopted ship news on our latest Helm newsletter here.
    • as always, we wish our adopted ships and their dedicated officers and crews well!
  Welcome aboard: