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    USS Churchill  
 USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG-81)
          (Council-adopted ship)

Churchill deployment news

    SSN 22 Mt Rainier
        USS Connecticut (SSN 22)
           (Council adopted ship)

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 B. McMahon High School NJROTC

Bridgeport Military Academy NJROTC
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              Seapower magazine

 YMS 339 Dec 1944 Leyte
Story of a WWII minesweeper
(USS YMS 339)

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Soviet Fleet photos 1971



Upcoming and recent events:
  •         Admiral Weigold retirement September 24th:
    • past Council President and current Board member, Rear Admiral John Weigold IV retired from the Navy in a sun-lit ceremony at the Stamford Yacht Club on September 24th. Principal speaker was Admiral Harry Harris, Commander US Pacific Command. Among the side boys piping John "over the side" was his son, Midshipman 4th Class Connor Weigold.
  •       SEAL Picnic August 18th:
    • our annual SEAL Candidate Picnic was held this year at the Italian Center of Stamford. For complete details, see our picnic flyer that was sent to all Council members by clicking here. 
  •       Another NL Council uses our website start-up guide:
    • our congratulations go out to the latest Navy League council, the Santa Rosa County Florida Council, to use our Website Start-Up Guide.  The Guide is a tutorial for other Councils to build a fully workable website like ours at zero out-of-pocket cost.  See their new website launched in late July at:
  Welcome aboard: